ATF type?

Hello again! I’ve developed a leak from where the shifter cable connects to the transmission. So many options for ATF! My manual doesn’t specify what type of ATF I should use. The Pep Boys guys are clueless, but they love my car! Totally drooling all over her! What do you guys use?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Type F

Remind me of what year and tranny your have?

Most of these old Cougars use Type F. Which can also be used for power steering fluid BTW.

  • Phillip

It`s ATF type F, but you can also pull out the dipstick and read what it says there, the specifications are written on the dipstick :slight_smile:

For the power steering use NAPA ATF type F. It is a little thicker than other brands and less prone to leaking.

^^^ What? Leaky power steering!? :laughing:

  • Phillip

It’s not leaking; it’s only marking its territory.