ATSOTC 1969 428 Cobra Jet 50th Anniversary magazine


It is hard to believe that we are starting to work on the Winter issue of ATSOTC.

With the 1969 50th Anniversary issues coming to a close we are seeking to wrap up the theme with the 428 Cobra Jet equippted 1969 Cougars. Scott Taylor ( 1969 428 Registrar is working on his anniversary registrar write up with facts and figures available for colors, option groups, and his passion for the 428 equippted cars.

It will be ideal to have the other 1969 features where possible to be regional club members car images with or without a write up to help showcase some of the amazing cars still on the road, or vintage ads and images.

Please email your images, articles and thoughts to and cc so that we can get to work on the next ATSOTC magazine.

Article theme thoughts are: A) Differences in the 1969 XR7 & Standard, B) Year in Review Editors reflection for 1969 โ€œSummer of Loveโ€ & C) 428 CJ Thrives in 1969

:paw_prints: Images and article submissions are due by October 1st to please email images and a copy of your Marti where possible.

:paw_prints: If you have images current or vintage, or anything that is relevant to the upcoming magazine issue please email Toy images, Vintage graphics, memorabilia, etc are all welcome additions to the magazine.

Please reach out to me if I can help in any way

Thank you for your help and support

Best Regards,

Gavin Schlesinger
Cougar Club of America - Chairman #5780
(904) 588-4670 Mobile