Auto World Trans Am track

I was drink shopping on E-bay a while ago, and hit the buy it now, before I read the entire ad. This is a complete track set, minus the cars, and controllers. I’d like to get close to a hundred for it( My cost, with shipping)
But am open to trades for other cool Cougar related items.

Got some pictures and more info on this? I could be interested in it.

How long are the cars?

Cars are not included with the set- that’s why I’m selling it. I bought it without them and don’t want to buy them separately-

Looks like Auto World must have reproduced the stuff made by Eldon in the 1960’s? I had a set that came to me on Christmas day in 1968 that had a 1967 Cougar and a 1967 Camaro in 1/32" scale.

I was kind of surprised at the match up- I would have preferred to see a Camaro, or a mustang, or even a javelin, that would have been cool. But I’m not in charge of marketing, and they didn’t ask my opinion…

Does it say on the box what scale the cars would be (if they were part of the kit)? Or what type would go with it. I have a few different versions of cars for tracks.

Auto World TA slot car set