Awesome 'At the Sign of the Cat' magazine tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the '68 XR7-G

Last Friday I found a real nice treasure in my mail. The Cougar Club of America Spring Quarterly ‘At the Sign of the Cat’ has almost 40 pages devoted to the 50th Anniversary of my personal favorite rare Cat, the '68 XR7-G. There are over two dozen gorgeous full color images of some of the rarest ‘Gs’ on our planet. In my opinion, this is the finest publication and full collection of XR7-Gs I’ve ever seen. While It’s not available on newsstands, It’s only $10.00 a year additional to your $25.00 annual membership to the national Cougar Club. I may be exaggerating but to me this is a nice collectible and I’m getting another while they’re still available.

Got my copy today. :beerchug:


Editor Thierry Frisch is doing an awesome job :beerchug:

  • Phillip