"Barn Find" GT-E coming to ebay..

Technically it was a “warehouse find”, but the place I work for came across a '68 Cougar GT-E recently and we purchased it with the help of Jim from the GT-E Registry. It was stored in a warehouse for at least 20 years, has next to no rust (couple small areas at the bottom of the fenders) and runs really good after cleaning out the fuel system. All original, all numbers match, complete and a very solid car ready for restoration. It had a very poor paint job put on it years ago and the interior is shot, but the important stuff is all there.

We are putting it on ebay in the next day or two and wanted to put the word out.

I’ll try to answer any questions you might have but it would probably be better to wait until the auction starts. We’re providing everything we can think of, disclosing everything we know and providing over 120 photos of the car.


Location? Pics going to be posted here at all?

WOW! They keep coming out of the wood work. I can’t wait to see it. Pics please!

A teaser… (Sacramento, CA area)

Very cool! Is this the one that was mentioned over on the Vintage Mustang forum a few weeks ago?

What color was it originally? I know, I know… wait for the eBay listing… :slight_smile:

Very exciting. I hope the auction goes all the way to a conclusion so we can see what the market says. I’m sure, though, that people will have cash in hand tempting you to end it early.

Forget the auction, let’s do it here! I’ll start the bidding at FIDDY dollars!!!

The car was purchased by the company I work for and its not the typical kind of vehicle we purchase. Putting in on eBay is the easiest thing to do when you don’t know its value and we have every intention of letting the auction go to its conclusion. It should be fun to watch.

Rats. And I was hoping you’d take my offer/bid of 50 bucks. LOL.

Will be fun to watch!

e9coupe – You need to be very careful with the words you choose to describe this car. While you are technically correct, it is numbers matching in so far as the vin number(s) are concerned, the engine block is not correct – its date code is September, 1968, way after the car was produced (April 8, 1968). I’m sure your ebay listing will have all of the relevant details, as I know that Kent is aware.
Jim Pinkerton
Cougar GT-E Registrar

I’m glad to see that another GT-E has come to auction. It looks like a great car. I’ll be watching the auction.

So Jim, was this a new find? Or had you known about it before?

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

It was the most recent one “found”.

Is it a service block or just a replacement? Sorry can’t help myself.

Jim can chime in here about the numbers, block, etc, but we do reference that it was replaced. I guess there’s some ridges cast into the block to help identify it but we can’t see them under the manifolds.

BTW Jim, this is Dan. I was the one who contacted you first through email and Kent was the one that went out to see the car.

Oh yeah, the auction starts in 30 minutes. :sunglasses: 6:00pm Pacific Time.

Sounds like service block.

I had to bid, I couldn’t resist. Obviously didn’t meet the reserve though.


Here is the link to the eBay listing. 1968 Cougar GTE.
Good luck with the sale.

Beat you again Steven. :laughing:

Looks cool however, a service block, door tag attached with screws and no photos of the inner fender VIN would leave me with a few questions.