"Barnfind" in Sweden 427 GTE.

Brian – I’m not sure how you get half of 278 to be 60. And I don’t know for sure the number, as I don’t keep track of them in that way – I’d have to go and count them up. But 135 seems a reasonable guess.

guess I should explain my thinking better. 278 in the registry as Royce & Scott stated not all are surviving GTE’s and the number is roughly half 139 actual cars and not just a vin number found by another means. Not all 139 would be road worthy drivable cars as some will be in some state of dis repair or being restore. So, I figure about half of the 139 GTE’s (60 actually closer to 70) are actually driving road worthy Cougars. based this on the same trend that has been reported on the 69 Boss Eliminator to come to that conclusion.
169 produced, 48 1969 Boss 302 Eliminator registered. Half surviving examples in various states (24) and half that (10-12) being road worthy examples. I got these numbers from Frank and Phil about thirteen years ago.

Well, okay I understand the logic now and see where you are coming from. One of these days when I haven’t anything to do I’ll have to go through the registry and see if I can put the cars in categories that may make it easier to discuss.

Well, there were 357 W-code GT-E’s produced in 1968.

So, have half of those survived (or exist) today? That would be ~179 cars.

Not so much GT-Es in Europe. :smiley:

There are at least 2 of them in Sweden. The former Ken Berry car, along with 2 XR7-G’s were exported to Sweden about 15 years ago.