"Barnfind" in Sweden 427 GTE.

This GTE has not been in use since early 90:ties. The new owner Thomas Nilsson (not me) plans to start restoration in January 2016.
The 427 motor was missing but Thomas has already find a new 427 and im keen to follow this restoration as i live fairly close. :smiley:


I need to have Thomas Nilsson’s complete address, phone, and email address for the Master Record. Also would like to know from whom he bought it just in case there’s another person in the chain that I am missing. Can you have him contact me please? thanks.
Jim Pinkerton
Cougar GT-E Registrar
pinktwo at live dot com

Interesting, delete belts and delete front shoulder harness.

Jim, how many GT-E’s have Export DSO’s 90-99?

WOW! If you get a window sticker could you post it please? I would like to see how they handled the delete belts part of the invoice.

Wow - great find!

delete belts and delete front shoulder harness.

Now there’s a good idea. :confused:

Nice find! Definitely an interesting build. Hows the initial impression?

So… what’s the theory on deleting belts? First owner installing racing harness? First owner rebelling against gub’mint regs? I wonder if Ford could delete belts on a domestic DSO.

Cool find. Wish I had a barn.

Probably wasn’t required over there.


Jim Pinkerton, I forwarded the message to Thomas.

I hope and believe that Thomas the owner of this car will register to this forum.

I havent seen the car IRL yet, but got some information through the Facebook group- Mercury Cougar Sweden.

The story is that the owner pre early -90 had a spiced 428 installed.

Old pic

When he sold the car (rolling chassi) he keept the motor.
The new owner surely had plans but the car has been stored outside since :open_mouth: with drivers door window half way open.
So there is some rust issues here and there.

About the seat belt delete, yes the seat belt law came 1970 in Sweden but if the car was equipped with seat belts earlier you was forced to use them.
Thats the reason why the car was ordered without seat belts, i think.

This car has parchment bucket seats with blue appointments, what does that mean?
What was blue, Carpet and dashpad? Thomas thinks that the dashpad always have been black.

Thanks Tommy.

Scott – 12 export code GT-Es from the U.S. and 1 export code from Canada.

Tom – Thanks, I have heard from Thomas now. The interior code for the car is UB which translates to “Parchment bucket décor with blue trim”. While the dash is not specified, I would think either black or dark blue (Wellington) would work.

Wow! We still get one turning up here and there after all these years… You could not order your 68 sans belts in the US but if you had an early San Jose built 68 they were often w/o shoulder belts in the front from my own personal experience. All the right options on this one! Thanks for sharing, hope you can lure him over hear as the information and parts to be obtained cannot be (easily) found anywhere else.

WOW very cool that another GT-E has been recorded in the registry. How many GT-E are accounted for as of today?

Don, i have already pointed out for Thomas that WCCC is the place to get the correct parts. :astonished:


Thanks for your confidence in us Tom! The FE forum and concours Mustang forum (lots of Cougar guys there) are also good holes to fish in.

Steven – 278 of the 393 are accounted for. But, this one was not “new” to the Registry; I’ve known of it for several years.

So, that is about a 70% survival rate for the GTE? I think that is a pretty high number.

Jim does not state that 278 GT-E’s survive. The survival rate is about half that number.

Yes, many of us have been finding VIN’s and information on parted and scrapped Cougars for the individual registries, and the National Cougar Data Base.

I’ll let Jim explain it, but we find clues to the existence of these cars and add information to the registry as pieces of the puzzle are found.

Things such as VIN stamped cylinder heads, door tags, and original filled out owners manuals, warranty cards, etc, establish the existence of these cars whether living or dead.

Ok, got ya… so if it is roughly half that would put the number around 60 GTE’s that have survived and been accounted for? That number seems more reasonable compared to the number produced. How many are road worthy examples?

When Frank Bowers was the Eliminator register at the time there were 48 1969 Boss 302 Eliminator registered and he could account for about half surviving and 10-12 being road worthy examples. The last Boss 302 news letter put the number registered at 56 out of 169 produced.

Indeed! The same goes for the Eliminators. Quite a few entries that are “Block Only” or “Documents Only” (I have one in my files that the VIN was written on the trade in documents for a new Boss 351!).