Bat R-Code 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

Anyone know the history of this Eliminator on Bring a Trailer? Very nice.

This 1969 Mercury Cougar hardtop was built in May of 1969 optioned with the Eliminator package and powered by a 428ci Cobra Jet V8. Finished in Bright Blue Metallic over blue vinyl upholstery, the car was also equipped from the factory with a C-6 automatic transmission, Traction-Lok differential, Ram Air induction, power steering, high-back bucket seats, air conditioning, and hood pins. It was restored in the 2000s by Signature Auto Classics of Columbus, Ohio, and was acquired by the selling dealer in May 2019. Maintenance performed since included recharging the A/C, replacing the transmission pan gasket, and repairing the speedometer. This R-Code Cougar Eliminator is now offered with a Deluxe Marti Report, a magazine feature on the car, and a clean North Carolina title.


There have been several discussions on FB about the various “incorrect” details on this car, but this is what I have for history on 9F91R570868;

'69 w/ 428CJ (Ram-Air), Auto. Bright Blue Metallic, Blue Interior. Docs.

2007 Nov - Muscle Car Review Feature Car. Article states it was a solid, clean car that came out of Georgia, bought by Rick Parker of Boss Cars. Sold to Mike Stickney, who had Boss Cars restore it some time prior to the 2007 article.

March 2016 - Consigned with Bay City Motor Company by the George Conrad Collection. $125k
Listings state that it “is concours restored - all apart and down to bare metal - 4 years ago by Rick Parker of BossCars in Gahanna, OH”.
*So some discrepancy in the restoration age.
Chin spoiler with the car, stored in the trunk.
May 2016 - Price reduced to $110k
July 2016 - Price reduced to $105k
Sept 2016 - listing pulled / no sale?

Nov 2018 - Listed by Sunnyside Classics for $130k

Feb 2019 - Consigned for Mecum Indy - Hammered for $70k

July 2019 - Consigned at RK Motors and listed on eBay for $120k

April 2020 - Price reduced to $109.9k
April 2020 - Price reduced further, to $87.9k
May 2020 - RK Motors listing updated to “Accepting Offers”.

May 2020 - Listed on Bring A Trailer;

Kind of rare to have manual drum brakes.

Also strange that the BaT listing states it has front disc. When they have very nice pictures of the front drums in the listing.

MAybe it was already stated but I thought I read that the motor is not original. Not that it is not an amazing car as it is.

Just me or is this one selling for $56,500 not a positive sign of the state of current market conditions?

Unfortunately BaT is still not mainstream. 3 hours ago I had a very affluent customer in Europe ask me where I could find THIS exact car. He had never heard of BaT and could not get set up quick enough to bid. BaT has worked VERY well for WCCC because whenever we list we send an email blast to 25k of our most recent customers, post here, Facebook groups, Youtube and a few other sites which sets the view counter to going nuts which in turn gives the perception it is a hot item.

I thought discs were mandatory with R & Q codes.

No… Drag Racers in the day did not like the weight or the constant drag that the pads made. The vast majority had discs.

What I found interesting is back in February they listed a very similar car ~ Blue on Blue, Q-code, 4-speed, not nearly as nice (IMO), but still bid to $78k (no sale!).

You could delete them for a credit. You are kinda right, disc brakes and power steering where automatically added to S, W, Q and R codes unless deleted by the person or company placing the order.

Thx Royce, thought I was loosing my marbles.

This one seems like an odd duck, w/A/C & a 3.0 rear, but then taking the steps to delete the discs.

I sure see a lot of variation on how the stripes are applied on a 69 ELIMINATOR. This one seemed off by quite a bit. Once a buyer identify’s a dozen or more things that are not quite right in pictures I think folks tend to question unseen areas for quality / authenticity.

At that price - if it really sold - you could afford to fix a lot of the obvious problems. I am thinking the buyer either needed money or else a shill bidder won.

My guess is it really sold and yes they got a great deal. BaT runs your card for 10% so who wants to loose $5k or more to have their buddy run it up? Easier to just put a reserve on it.


I have to disagree with you for 1969 and 1970. I do not see anything in the various documentation that I have that shows PS or PB as standard or a mandatory option on any 1969 or 1970 Cougar. I also do not have any invoices referencing a PS or PB delete like you would see with a heater delete.
On a 1969 with a 428, Competition Handling was included with the package as were 70 series tires, but I don’t see any references to PS or PB. Can you tell me where to look?

Dave I currently have most of my literature collection locked up. This is a page from the 1968 dealer salesman’s “Pocket Facts” with a print date of 8-67 so it predates the release of the 428CJ. Take a look at the list of standard and optional features. X in a column means same as the first column.

The 1969 and 70 versions I think would be similar but you could be right - I don’t have the literature in front of me. Apparently only W codes had mandatory power steering in '68.

PDB were standard on the GTE with 427/428, but my 69 428 CJ shows the PDB as an option ordered separately.

I dug out a copy of my old 69’s Eminger, shows PDB as an option, packaged w/the tilt away wheel.

My former, Dearborn 1969 XR7 R code SCJ, was born with disc brakes and manual steering. Disc brakes also called out on the Marti. Mine was a ‘Retail’ ordered car. No credit $$ for lack of power steering on the window sticker.