Bathurst may be interesting this year… but more so next year

I have to be honest, I have somewhat lost the passion for the Aussie Touring Cars when the Gen 2 Supercars came out… I can’t stand fake cars, and the current cars are a;

A fake Falcon with fake Mustang front and tail lights , meaning it’s a wonky looking thing…

Racing a

Fake RWD Chev powered Vauxhall ( the last Commodore was a euro sourced FWD based east west v6)….

That is my prejudice, however the the racing is close and can be exciting… this is likely to be the case this year … Bathurst is going to be smashed by rain so there will a lot of action if you can find a broadcast wherever you are…

Next year , however, it will be a little different … the Gen 3 cars will be Mustang versus Camaro… and both finally look the bizzz. Sure they are still full race cars with little production reality apart from the block. But they are relatable….


And Yesterday’s Bathurst reveal for the Mustang.

Looking forward to it!

Even so … I do miss the old Production based cars… here is a golden race with the legendary GTHO Phase 3 Falcon…

Check out the historical, famous, barrel roll in the middle!

I really liked the factory stock races (obviously additions for safety).

Oh - the good old days. Multiple manufacturers, with production cars and multiple classes - not just this Ford vs GM fake car rubbish. Drivers had to deal with the limitations of what they were racing. Now it’s just a marketing exercise. Rather watch the local trans-am series racing

Just how well known is the Bathurst race in the US of A…?

I expect not super well known. It may be a filler on their Speed type channels… Maybe more so next year when the race is Mustangs v Camaros….

I think they look great, and the Mustang finally looks like a Mustang.

Congratulations Bluestuff on the Kiwi victory!

I have been a race fan all of my life (65) and like all of the various types from straight racing to round and round to road course racing. I have put my Cougar on a couple of local road courses for fun and I follow F1. Not to mention racing here in the states. For a while the Aus Super Car races were shown on our Motor Trend channel recently (last two seasons).

I believe I have heard of Bathurst but don’t recall ever seeing it.


BTW, How did the rollover driver and course worker (looks like a course worker running in front of the car) fare after the roll over?

If you get the opportunity, you should watch it, 6 hours of heart brake and turmoil .
Drivers preparing for the whole year to have their hopes slashed in the carnage at the first corner of lap one.
Many years ago my favourite team was guttered not fare from the end of the race wen a 50c hose clamp failed, destroying all hopes of a finish, so close to a win.

Bad luck is such a bitch ………

Was that Alan Jones and the fuel clamp? Similarly Seaton broke a valve spring snatching defeat from the Jaws of Victory….

The Bill Brown roll cut the car in half behind the drivers head… one black eye and a mild concussion… the flag marshal walked away into the sunset without a scratch, no one knows who he is… a silent almost mythical hero….

Back before the cars got really fake (think NASCAR V8 rear wheel drive Camry) I was fanatical about it… there were heaps of heartbreaks… “The Rock”


Jim Richards hitting the Roo… (I am not posting the clip of the flying Kangaroo, you can search for that)

the channel 6 ( I mean 9 ) Camaro…


Amongst many others

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