Beaches Cruise-In at PIR - 2014

Beaches Cruise-In at Portland International Raceway every wednesday.

ET Drags and Beaches Cruise-in
Weekly on Wednesday (4pm - 10pm), June through September.
Description: ET drag racing on the 1/8th mile, plus 1000 hot rods, show cars and classics on the grass. This is the best weekly motorhead event in the country, complete with a night of great racing, the largest weekly cruise-in in the country, a band and great food and beverages. It’s two shows for the price of one!

Drag racing: Classes from juniors to Super Pro every week, with points and purse. $8 admission, from $28 to $40 to race. Gates open at 4 p.m. with first timed runs around 4:30, eliminations around 7 p.m. This is great bracket racing, with competitors dialing in a time. This means staggered starts and always close finishes at the top end. For more information:

Beaches Cruise-in: Pre-1974 cars and trucks, Corvettes, Vipers, motorcycles and exotics are welcome on the show field. Free parking outside the gates for everyone else, and two shuttles run throughout the evening if you don’t want to make the short walk in.
Hours: 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Admission: $5
Sound limit: 103 db

Wow! First week of the cruise-in and there were a Meeeelion cars there!

There were so many cars on the field that I ended up parked out by the end of the drag strip past the trees, next to where the Budweiser Clydesdale trucks were parked! And there were still more people coming in and parking out further than me! Crazy!

Weather was beautiful though, and there was plenty to see.

Spotted a handful of Cougars ~ four '67/'68’s and two '69’s that I saw. I think mine was the only '70 though, and no other Eliminators.

Here are some pics I shot…

To the right, through the trees… there’s a car show going on over there! I’m parked between the car show and the drag strip, LOL!

Heck, the horses were closer to the show than I was!

Here we are at one end of the show…

Awww yeah! Here’s the cats!

Something about flat black and green flames, I love it. Oh, 3 dueces doesn’t hurt either.

This is it! Just like Momma used to drive (except for having an auto instead of a 4speed)! For sale too, for $67k.

The coolness-per-horse-power on this one is off the charts!

Looking back toward where we started…

Panning right, and there’s the other half of the show over there…

Loved this guy’s jallopy! Rocking chair and trunk roped onto the back, and he even had a “watch-chicken” sitting in the driver’s seat!

Nice GSX! Story is that it was originally yellow, but the first buyer’s wife was not going to be seen in a yellow car. So it went back to the dealer to get painted gold. Quite the day-two mod!

Some cars gather a certain kind of crowd around them. Beautiful Riv though ~ saw it here last year too and talked to the owner some.

Original owner? I had to wonder…

Sweet AAR 'Cuda rolled in late. There was also a green one here, but I love how the basic black wheels look with the red w/ black stripes.

Nice! Looks like a fun show. Some sweet rides…

I saw your car there, but you were probably off taking pics so I didn’t see you personally. What a great opening night! I’d like to hear an official count; there were soooooooo many cars. The Clydesdales were awesome to see - I thought it was amazing that they were there getting all suited up and hitched right next to where dragsters were returning from their runs down the strip, and they didn’t even seem the least bit bothered by the noise. And, the dalmation just sleeping up there on the seat on the wagon. So cool. I’ll try to get some pics posted too. These wednesday night cruise-ins at PIR are such a good deal - $5 to enter with your car and a passenger, thousands of cool cars and motorcycles to look at, live band, and more every week of the summer.

Pics from June 4, at Portland International Raceway:

Ok, this is really weird. I have almost the exact same picture that I took, even with the same people in it! We must have been just steps behind one another, LOL!

That red belvedere convertible is beautiful! I saw it out at the Papa’s Toys show as well ~ great car!

That is too funny about our nearly identical fire truck pics. I guess we practically met and didn’t even know it. That Belvedere is awesome.