Beatrix (1968 X-code cat )

This Beatrix,we just call her Betty, according #’s she is unique.
1of1 X-code( currently she has a warmed up
S-code, original motor is in storage. )

She’s at the spa for some pan and subframe shenanigans. Then small stuff mechanically, new master, tuneup, tightening up vacuum lines and electrical. Then ice cream.
Obviously she’s got some stuff from the parts catalog, 3:71 locker,F-427 Edelbrock and a 750 Holley. But I look at it as perfectly reasonable period 2nd life mods. I also intend to add an export brace and Monte Carlo bar. I’m one of those weird people that likes to go round corners at pace too.
As a man once said “ I aim to misbehave “