Best CL ad ever?

Creative listing… :bloated:

:spit: Too funny. And no, I’m not man enough.

Apparently CL did not think so as the ad has been flagged for removal. Oh well, would’ve liked to read it.

Lucky for you, I saved it. :wink:

Here’s the full size image.

:ylsuper: :clap: And the answer to the thread title/question: Yes.

Thanks Adam!

I know that seller. He goes by Scamp on The Curb. :ylsuper:

LMAO, very well could be an ad written by the Scampster!!!

Ha! Awesome.

Oh man, good thing I wasn’t drinking anything!

OMG and WT# That list of options should sent everyone running to make the call. Hey, at least he’s an honest seller,…did mention the "“Blown Headgasket”. Somethings are so outrageous ,…they surpass hilarity!

Thank goodness I wasn’t on any heavy medication,…I was holding on OK for the mental visualization of bearded Grand Am drivers, but when the ad mentioned their “collective aneurysm”…I believe that I started to see colors.