Best Oil with Zinc for my 428CJ

Time to perform the first oil change on the 428CJ Cougar and I am looking for recommendations on the best oil to use. I have heard some using zinc additives to their oil while others are using oil with zinc already in there what are your thoughts?

I ran across this zinc content chart.

Valvoline VR1 Racing oil is available at any Wal Mart in a variety of weights. It’s good stuff.

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Thanks for the info Royce, I appreciate it. Just clicked over 100 miles on it today

I’ve been using Lucas hot rod oil since my rebuild in 2017. Its worked perfectly. 351C with some performance upgrades.

Another vote for Valvoline VR-1. I use the 10W30 in two of my cars that have flat tappet cams. I order it from amazon or Summit Racing.

Ive used Penn Grade for years . Track car to daily drivers. 10W-30 Worth spending to protect HUGE$ in these rare motors. How often do you change it?

Agree with VR1. Walmarts around me do not carry. Here is the cheapest place I have found.

PM me for a 20% off code. They send postcards every few weeks and I have a few. (Will bring to Solomon if someone needs one).

while not on that list, Castrol GTX Classic looks to be a good candidate for older flat tappet engines.
Don’t be tempted to continuously run break-in oil. While they are very high in zinc, they lack some of the other components for a well rounded engine oil.