Big Block 1st Gen's on eBay

I thought I would pass this on they are listed on eBay. Some have been listed before…GT 4 speed now has a Buy it Now price of 10,500.

1968 GT 4 Speed

1967 390

1968 390 Special Edition??? (Thats How It’s Listed, It must be the Wheels or the Hood Scoop!)

The last one is an F code 302 2V car

I like the GT 4 speed.

I know that’s what the VIN says, but that doesn’t look like my 302…looks much wider. Camera deceiving me, or swapped motor??

So hard for me to tell if it looks like my 302 or not. The layout is the same. It looks too wide in the shot of the passenger side of the engine bay. Can’t tell if it really is too wide or if it’s an illusion created by the goofy looking valve covers and the too-small air filter. Could be the export brace too, making it look different.

Last one for sure has a FE engine of some kind. Valve covers are kind of weird. Might be the PBF covers modified or a oddball 66 cover that’s been chromed. Hard to tell from the limited pics. What the heck is that weenie hood scoop from? :buck:

It has to be from CARiD or Nopi…sorry I couldn’t help myself

:naughty: Now, that wasn’t very nice, Steven…I’m sure if we all looked at their entire product lists, we’d find SOMETHING we could…“fastcat”…LMAO.

(For our slower viewers, that means, “give to the trashman”!!!)

Now that’s funny!!! :beerchug: