Big block starters- ? best

Looking for opinions on starters for the FE big block motors. Not concerned about stock, reliability is #1


My car guy friends really like these guys for parts. Their cars always start… :smile:

I have had a Hilton hi torgue starter on my 428 for years after going through several stock starters in the early 2000’s. It has been problem free.



NAPA offers brand new starters, not rebuilt, at a reasonable cost and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Mine currently has been on the car two years with zero issues.

Smaller, lighter, permanent magnet gear reduction starters for me. Powermaster is my brand choice, but I know there are several available that would be great. These are a great choice when you have headers too

Should be Tilton starter.

Very good indeed! Great feedback. Now to make a choice…Got some time, Anybody had to shim the starter…?