BMW 840 wheels

I have a set of BMW 16x7.5" wheels and tires from my BMW 840i. I bought some adapters and below is the result.

I offer it here for everyone’s opinion, keep it nice and keep in mind no matter what you say, I am probably going this way since for less than $200.00 I have a nice set of wheels with Toyo Z rated tires.

I will remove the BMW stickers if I go this way.

somehow, it just don’t sound right, BMW wheels on a '68 Cougar, but it don’t look half bad. No, sorry, I would still like more of a “dish” on my wheel for a '68.

I think they look good. Add some cat center emblems and they’ll look great.

I think they look pretty good. They kind of have a Rader XR7-G look to them, not exact but similar.

Rader XR7G Wheel

As a BMW fanatic too…I’d love to say I like the look alot. I can’t, but I think it’s just because the car sits so high…I’d bet it’s a lot better with 2" wacked off there…it might be the angle of the shot here. I like 850 “turbine style” wheels a lot, but these are nice. Somthing’s just not right, other than the obvious emblems. (I wonder how hard that’ll be to put cats on there?) Is it at stock height?


I am with Brain, we need to see it sitting on the tires to really get a feel for it. The angle of the pic is hurting you too. BTW, I like the wheels.

I agree on the too high part. It will have to come down about 2 inches all around. I have found some emblems that I think will work. What do you all think?

If I go with the chrome ones, I will probably powder coat them red

This is also a possibility, but finding 4 may be a challange

All 3 would fit in the area I have for the center cap

I’m not a big fan of using the Cougar Head logo. If it were me I’d check with a local sign shop and have them make Walking Cougar inserts for your wheels. 3M Engineer grade vinyl will work great and hold up to the elements. That is what is used on most DOT street signs and it comes in many colors. Brian Aust also makes walking Cougar Logos maybe he could give you an idea. Just my thoughts. :smiley:

So, would that make you Pinky?? NARF!!! :poke:

I agree with Steven, they have a Rader look to them, and once you get the ride-height settled, think it will look pretty sharp!

Thanks for the input. It is much appreciated. Sounds like I am not going to gross anyone out with the wheels, which is good to know. I would rather spend the money on other parts of the car and it gets the wheels out of my storage.

I like the walking cat , but I only have about 2.5 inches to work with and I think the detail might get lost, but I will look into it. I think I really need a machined disk put in the opening, I don’t think just a sticker or decal will work with out a backing, but again I will investigate . These seemed the simplest solution. More research…

Slam that bitch down a couple inches and then both wheels & car work together. Till then, to me it’s a 4x4 with beemer wheels!!!

We’ve done all kinds of vinyl work on our fire trucks. When our sign shop does the work the details are screen printed and the covered with a clear UV film. With this process details don’t get lost. You can also have most shops cut a back plate (disc). I suggest talking to a sign tech and ask their thoughts, mention alumacore backing or aluminum. It would just depend on how thick/deep the logo area on the BMW rim is or what they might recommend.

This is what I meant to say… :biggrin2:

I dunno about the “newer” cougar emblems, Man…I can’t lie, I just cringe and roll my eyes when I see modern (or more modern) cougar stuff on the classics…I’d just-assume have the BMW deals on there as long as you’re just havin’ fun, being whimsical and using what you’ve got!.. :buck:

Good point on the newer Cougar emblems…I agree…Not trying to be whimsical…just cheap… :slight_smile: and I like different.

I agree it is way too high…I am into slammed…Both the Z and the Roadster are much lower than stock. It is on the list when it gets to that point…both A arm relocation and springs. In the back it has shackles and air shocks, both coming off. I want to make it handle , as much as a 390 car can.

This is another option…not Cougar per se…but personal to me

If you go with a lighter color I don’t think grey wheels will work well. A darker color, especialy black, with those wheels and a black center emblem may look quite nice.
I would suggest painting the car before a final opinion about the wheels is made…

The car is going to be the stock colors…Red with white top…Much like it is in the pictures only shinny.

I think you should keep the ride hight as it is. It goes well together with those wheels and the after market sun roof : As they say, dare to be different :ylsuper:

Or maybe not. I know BMW had some really nice BBS wheels as well that I have been considering to use on one of my cars. What size spacer do you use on the wheel that is on your car now?

Don’t forget the whip CB antenna…It seriously had one. If I go that way, I will stay with the 4 steel wheels and studded tires…oh and the trailer hitch.

I got the adapters made at “Roadkill Customs”

These guys were really easy to work with and the product was nice. It took about a week, including shipping. They are $95.00 plus shipping from Florida.

The spacers are 20 mm which are the thinnest they make and may require shortening the studs on the hub. In my case, the wheels have cavities that match up with the Cougar bolt pattern, so no cutting needed. Depending on your wheels you may have to clip them. This thickness is almost perfect.