Borgeson with 390?

So I’m getting to the point of reinstalling the P. steering of my 68 rehab. According to Borgeson, they don’t “recommend” installing one of their steering boxes on FE cars. I’m wondering if anyone has attempted this install? The engine is currently out, so now would be the time, but I’m not sure of the clearances w/CJ manifolds? There was nothing really wrong with my factory system, but I read several very happy reviews about how much better the steering was. Not to mention all the leaking issues of the OEM, though mine wasn’t all that bad. Just trying to see if this is a viable option, and the pros vs cons.

I wouldn’t recommend it for an FE. My 69 w 351W stock exhaust manifolds overheated my Borgeson and adding a large PS cooler was required. Short of a NASA quality heat shield, it may be problematic.

If the Borgeson doesn’t work out check out the electric steering options. Nothing under the hood to worry about and adjustable assist. Might be an option for ya depending on your end goal

From what I can see you have to modify the steering column for the electric system. That would be a deal breaker for me, especially with the history of electric assist from my Polaris ATV’s system, which has been very problematic. Not that is a fair comparison, but I’m not making drastic mods without a clear path to a reliable system. The Borgeson had positive reviews with a small block, if not so with a FE, I’ll just stick with the Ford system. It may not be up to modern standards or perfect, but it’s reliable.

Understandable and depending on your column it could be as simple as using another to modify and saving your original or even running an aftermarket column so the upgrade is reversible if so desired. Also need to consider the added electrical draw and the need to make sure you have enough power. I get it its not for everyone just wanted to mention it as an options.

I have had multiple Polaris UTVs with electric steering and of the few issues Ive had with them the steering has not been an issue. I can say that system is much much less robust then what you would find in a normal vehicle. I can not vouch for longevity or long term longevity with the EPAS system Ive installed just yet as it has not been on the car for long. I did the research to feel comfortable enough to run it on my car.

The borgenson is not with its faults either but it is a great upgrade as well. I disliked the ford power steering system enough that it was coming off one way or the other. So far Ive been very happy with ditching it

My experience is that most of the dissatisfaction with factory steering is caused by worn out components. When everything is working properly it is a reasonably good system. I once removed a power rack and pinion system and replaced it with all new or rebuilt factory components. It drove almost exactly the same. The big difference: factory had a tighter turning radius. Lastly the factory sway bar is much softer so response to steering inputs feels softer than what you may be used to. The absolute cheapest fix to “tighten up “ steering is a new set of sway bar bushings.

True worn components are number one cause of dissatisfaction steering feel for most. Always worth checking these items out before pulling the trigger on changing it all around. Mine had all been rebuilt and was tight and didnt even mark its territory on the floor but I wanted something better. I do think the borg box setup is miles better then the factory stuff as well. It also can be a little more of a hidden upgrade as well. Of course doesn’t help if it wont fit the application.

Borgeson wont fit with an FE unless you fit custom manifold to fit around the steering box.