Boss Eliminator sighted arriving at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale

One of the Boss 302 Eliminators has landed! Debbie and I were picking up badges and saw one of the Eliminators on a trailer behind a truck rolling on to the site. I am not sure how to tell these two apart just yet:
Lot 801

Lot 1050

Looks like lot 1050 has “no size” tires, while lot 801 seems to be sporting the “size” version

Looks like the antenna on 1050 has a forward lean and 801 is straight up and down.

I’ll take both!
Oh…just woke up. :frowning:

Good eye Mr. Gauch!

Looks like tinted glass on 1050, maybe just a glare on the back window.

Very cool sighting, Bill!

I swear, that antenna looks like it is installed backward ~ leaning forward and out >.<

Good call on the size / no-size tires! Cool that the restorers were paying attention to the build dates there (although the SDP was a dog dish hubcap car originally). Interesting how similar these cars actually are, until you get under the skin! Both have Black Standard Interior, both are AM/8-Track cars, both also had (have?) Tinted-Glass Complete.

The dead giveaway is under the hood (of course).
#801 (0F91G544281) is a Super Drag Pak, so there’ll be an engine oil cooler.
#1050 (0F91G517271 ~ restored by Carlton Wright) has PS & PB. Just noticed this one also has an added console.

I could never own that color.

You mean “restored by Delmarva Cougar Club member Carlton Wright” :smiley:

I think the antenna in the photo that Bill posted is distorted by the angle and lens of the camera. That Cougar is from here in Richmond, BTW, and it was passed around several DCC members before Carlton saved it.

Will be VERY exciting to watch these Cougars cross the block.

  • Phillip

I could, and would love it.

When the car was shipped,the shipper took the antenna off the fender and taped it to the windshield because the car was going on the top rack, it must have gotten put back wrong because when it left here it was straight.

I didn’t think I would like the color either until after I finished painting it and added the NOS Eliminator stripes, it kinda grows on you.

Catlover, are you in Arizona now? Those images are from the Barrett Jackson web site so they were took before the car left for Arizona. I will try to post some pics of he way the car looks now. I am sure it is incredible.

Carlton sold the car back in 2014. The current owner is in Flagstaff, AZ.