Bracket Identification

I am putting together my 68 Standard Cougar and came across this bracket that I need help identifying where it goes. It was in the box where I stored my wire harnesses but not sure if it is used under dash, engine compartment or trunk area. Does anybody know what it is used for or if it is really even a Cougar part? Thank you, Jim R.

This looks like the bracket for securing the cable for the accessory remote control trunk release to the trunk lid.
Cheers, Dale.

Dale thanks for the reply. Interesting thought. The car currently does not have the remote trunk release feature installed but I can tell you my car was thrown together from various pieces and this could be a left over from the car the trunk lid was harvested from. I will hang onto the part in case something pops up during reassembly for a possible use. I thought it was possibly used on the speedometer cable but it seems not so. Thanks again for your assistance. Jim R.