Brake conun"drum"

Hi all, 1970 cougar with rear brake rebuild, drum included. There is a slight intermittant drag in driver side rear drum with chirp. The drag nor chirp is present when starting out but gets progressively worse. The drag is felt at slow speeds in neutral and has a pulsing feel but no pulse at pedal. In reverse/neutral the issue goes away. The rim gets hotter than other side but no burning smell and car stops well and dives well under heavy braking. There is no tension on ebrake as shop did say it was sticking (but they didnt fix issue, at least in my mind) so i loosened and pushed cable in as much as possible. Front shoe does have a rough feeling portion right in the middle but not enough to look different, just not as smooth. Wheel spins when jacked up in neutral. Playing with adjuster but no change. No indication of leak and no grinding. Could the parking brake cause this despite there being no cable tension? Maybe the ol’ take it apart and put it back together? Thanks for any advice.

Check the shoe adjustment, they may be too tight, grabbing and building heat.

I wonder if the shoe or drum is warped or not quite fitting to each other just right. In the old days, one could shave the drum or brake pads…

Sounds like the drum is not true, it may need to be turned. It happens with new drums far to often. Sometimes due to being dropped in shipping. Sometime due to low quality manufacturing,

Thanks all, will heed advice.

New pads have resolved the issue. By chance, the new pads have less pad compared to ones that were in which may have contributed to resolution.

Typically a set of shoes has a longer padded shoe and a shorter pad shoe. If dumped on the floor out of the box and without knowing, both shorts could end up on one side and then 2 long end up on the other side.

Thanks, I put the shorter up front and longer in rear. Both were shorter than originals. Youtube beats the days of going to the library for brake schematics (done that).

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