brake distribution block

The brake distribution block and proportioning valve in my '68 cat are most likely shot (the brake warning switch is missing). I know I can get a rebuild kit and new switch (but the switch is currently out of stock at WCCC). I was also considering getting the '70+ combo block with the '67-'69 bracket. I believe I could get that plus a credit for my old dist. block and spend less than rebuilding my current 2 piece one. My question is: has anyone used one of these Frankenstein blocks on a '68 or '69? If so, did the old brake lines match up pretty close (they look like they would)? What is the overall quality of the block? ( I ask because the only reviews of these blocks I could find were on CJ Pony Parts web site and most of them were negative…but that may be a case of only the bad ones resulted in reviews.)
Your opinions/experiences are greatly appreciated.

Here is the block I’m talking about:

I don’t see why there would be a problem with that, it looks like they would work. you’d have some wiggle room as well.

Yeah, now I have to get the old one off without stripping the nuts. My break line wrenches are not the best quality.

This is a little pricey, but.

Here is the same valve for a lot less.

I installed one from Don (WCCC) and it looks original and works and fits great.

I will be getting one. Thanks for the link. Do you have a paper catalog that I can hide under my wife’s pillow at Christmas time?

Ordered the “proper” '68 block Don linked to above. Going for max ease of installation.

I read somewhere that there is a self centering block/switch assembly on later models. I would prefer to retrofit with that if it is reasonably feasible. Comments???