Brake lights stay on

Recently my brake light began to stay on constanty on my 1968 Dan Gurney special cougar. Put in new brake light switch but same problem remains. Any ideas on what else to check and how to do it? Standard lights, turn signals and flashers work fine. Just the brske lights stay on.

I would suspect the new switch on the brake pedal. I would take it back off and plug in the 2-wire connector to see if you can activate the brake lights.

Agree, the switch could also be wrong. maybe for manual if you have power or vice versa , or wrong year?

I took back off once already. But I will try to disconnet electrical again and retry. I verified the correct switch is for manual drum brakes and correct year switch from NPD. Thanks for the info

The switch may be binding. Make sure the switch has the bushing, both nylon side washers,and the correct hairpin clip installed. Note the switch orientation.

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Hi guys,
My actual problem with my brake switch was that I was unaware my master cylinder pushrod was adjustable simply by turning it from inside the car. I probably turned it a thread or so when i was taking it out and reinstalling it so many times. The push rod was ever so slighty to long. All is good now. Thank you for all for taking your time to responding to my post.