Brake shoe options for 70 4 speed with Cleveland?

Ordinarily I would just pull a drum and check, but the car is on castors and hidden, at the moment. I’m shopping on rock auto and they have a package deal for drums, rotors, and wheel cylinders. For 1970 Cougar, with four speed and Cleveland engine, wouldn’t the rear shoes be the 2 inch? How can there be so many options for a car that came with so few engine options?Also, I see some unfamiliar names for the brake hoses- Has any one had a bad experience with a particular name brand? Raybestos has been in the business for years, some of the others I’ve never heard of. And why is AC Delco selling Ford parts?

I have the same car mine is a Eliminator. Looked throught my stuff could not find anything on the brake shoe size. sorry!