Brakes-booster inspection

Is there a way to test a booster when out of the car? I pulled the master cylinder to bench bleed and found some fluid in the booster. My symptoms point toward it being bad but I’d like to be sure before I send it out.
As far as I can tell brakes worked fine for the year plus I’ve owned it. Few months ago I decided to upgrade the front suspension and after seeing the brakes I thought to replace the factory front disc setup. Got it on the ground and had hard brakes and Ford manual testing makes it sound like a bad booster. Either the MC had been leaking into the booster all along or the 3 months on front stands caused the issue due to angle.

Yes you can bench test it. Try one of your search engines for info.

Thank you

Got it pulled and verified it’s bad. Thanks again

Wasn’t that fun! :mrgreen:

Ha! Probably the most awkward and spine bending part I’ve messed with on this car :wall:

When you put it back in, pull the drivers seat, 4 bolts, you can lay on your back with your feet in the back seat.

:+1:t2: Great advice thanks

Unfortunately I didn’t take your advice and I’m pretty sure I bruised a rib or two….
Good news is the cougar is back on the road after a few months of upgrades