Hi I’m new on here and would like to know if I could get some advice on
my 97 Cougar xr7 30th edition.I just bought the car it’s in immaculate condition
the only problem I find is when I hit the brakes kind of hard the car darts to the
left real bad.Anybody have any advice or have experienced this problem before?

Those are nice cars, although much newer than we usually discuss here.
Could be any number of things wrong with your brakes, but most common problems (in general, I don’t know about your model of car specifically) are worn pads and sticking calipers.
One thing to keep in mind, if the car goes left when you brake, the problem is on the right.

I had a 96 Cougar I put a ton of miles on it. Check the ball joints and tie rod end as well. That style of Cougar was also noted for broken coil springs on the front. I had the replace both of them on the one I had.

I saw where most all topics were of the older cougars now,sorry guys
Anyway I checked the right front caliper it’s not stuck but my left front
wheel has side to side play.I think it’s the tie rod end but I’m going to replace
it and ball joints because the rubber is busted on them too.

When doing the lower ball joint. Buy the complete lower control arm. Not that much more money and will save time and frustration. Usually the bolts will be rusted in the bushings and you destroy the bushing getting them out. Ask me how I know :shifty: I found the easiest way to remove them is to leave the strut bolted to the lower control arm. Remove the strut and lower arm together.

Hey thanks I was thinking the easiest way to do the job with the struts.

My 68 was doing that at one point. Not sure if it is comparable but my tie rod end was bad and every time I hit the brakes the whole tire would shift a bit causing it to pull in one direction. Older car but could still be your case, that’s if it’s not the brakes themselves. Gl

Worn strut rod bushings will allow the wheel to toe in under braking and give the sensation of pulling brakes.

I checked my lower ball joints and had some up and down play,could that be the culprit?..Also when I wiggle the steering wheel back and forth theirs like a clunking noise where the inside tie rod connects to the steering unit under the rubber boot.

Power steering? If so probably the power steering control valve. Normal.

Yes, most likely the culprit. Change that tie rod end. You should have no clunck noises turning the steering wheel.

Art, this is on a 97 Cougar. No power steering control valve.

But I wanted it to be a 67…
My apologies… :blush:

So this could make the car pull when sudden or hard braking?..Hey Art I se you are in Cullman,Lanett,


I have some ancestors buried there.
“Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee”

Thats it the Chattahoochee bout 2 miles from it and 5 miles from West Point Lake.I’ve been in this area all my 54 years now,not a lot here but its home.