BUzzer in dash stays on constant when not in park?

As soon as I shift out of park in my 1975 XR7 the dash buzzer stays on constantly. Anyone have any insight? The red lens is missing on the dash that the bulb stays on also so I don’t have what that lens would say.

Seat belt not fastened?

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Geez would never think to check that!

So from google images it is the seat belt lens that’s missing in the dask & the buzzer was right above the glove box so I just unplugged it. Everyone in the world is used to buckling up so it’s not going to be missed. Now to figure out removing the 500 miles of vacuum hose & needless thermal switches…

“500 miles of vacuum hose & needless thermal switches…”

Don’t be too quick to undo all that stuff.

I once “undid” the EGR on my car. I didn’t notice any performance improvement, and my fuel economy got worse! A while later I was talking with my cousin who did the same thing to his truck, and reported the same outcome.

Make sure you understand what each of them does before changing anything.

Ponycarman I run an auto repair shop & am fully aware of how all the things work. I did the de emissioning on my 78 F150, including egr. The fuel mileage was as lousy as it was before removal. This Cougar will still get roughly 13-14 in town & 20 on the hwy.