C6 transmission fluid type capacity etc?

C6 transmission unknown year any way to figure out whether it needs dexron Merton or type F? Doing fluid filter and gasket change. I think 1976 and earlier took Type F and 77 and later took Dexron Mercon. Also just dropping the pan and changing filter is it 3 qts or ?

There is only one fluid used in C6 transmissions. Read your dip stick. I think it’s going to need far more than 3 quarts. I would add three and then start the engine. Check the fluid and add until it reads full on the dipstick. You may have to put it in reverse and drive etc (engine running, foot on brake, parking brake set) then re - check to get it completely full.

I can read the dipstick over and over but it’s not going to tell me what fluid to use.

Right but hopefully you use Type F and then keep adding and see your dipstick to know when to stop adding fluid. I wish I knew exactly how many quarts but I don’t - just know that three is not the amount.

Dry, stock torque converter, around 11 quarts. Converter holds around 3-4. So a full refill without draining the converter is 7-8 quarts.