California Special Style Ducktail Spoiler

I am looking for a California Special Style Ducktail spoiler for a 1967 Cougar. I have seen them on a few cougars and would love one for the 67 resto-mod I am working on.

Robin Miller / username Bossrocket / millerrocket1(at)gmail… has developed one, not sure if it is market ready or not.

I had one on my very first cougar, a 1967, owned 1982 to 1990. I had the spoiler “fiberglassed” direct to the original decklid, and it came out real nice. Sorry for the poor quality photo, one a just a few I have migrated to digital from years back. I think they look good!

Oh those were the days, mine in 77 was the same, no spoiler but jacked up ,tires to big and rubbed if I had passengers ,small stainless mud flaps , I love them jacked up.

Ah yes, I remember back in high school shop class I made a ducktail spoiler for my 67 out of fiberglass. I’m sure to everyone but me it looked like crap and of course it flew off the first time I went down the road, but for for a few precious moments, I was pretty cool.

I think it would look good if the corner angles matched the angles of the taillight corners. I haven’t attempted one yet.

I’ve been told someone makes them so I’m trying to buy one. I don’t do bodywork so there is no way I would attempt making it.

Robin Miller makes them and uses the metal understructure just like the hoods he makes.

Do you know how to contact Robin? I sent an email to but have not heard anything back.

He is illusive indeed… I only have contact with him when he needs something. Bossrocket is his user name here. Located in BC.