Called a scammer

Hi all I am new to the site and tried to help with parts that I have saved over 30 years. I am 71 years old and own a restoration shop i Southern Alabama. Allways liked the underdog to the mustang and have owned all the classic ones. I answered some wanted adds and someone who claims to own the site calls me a scammer. Says I need to post pictures and location or he will delete my posts. I have looked at other peoples adds and see that they don’t do this. What’s up with this guy? If you would like a picture I can text one to you.I am not very skilled on computer. I see this Market on parts getting greedy and thought I could help a few people get thier car together but looks like he wants to kick me off the site for no reason.Guess I will be selling my parts somewhere else but had to vent Thanks…Rollingrust

Morning RR,
This site is the best around. Scrutiny by the moderators is a major reason we don’t have to deal with the outside world trying to pollute our little place here. I see the reasoning for his concern.
A new person starts to sell items with out any pictures. This is certainly a major red flag.

I understand your position, and please try and understand the site side. The site tries very hard to stop any exploitation of it members on a daily if not hourly basis.

I suggest you take a few pics ( good ones please!) and post them in you original posts. We all appreciate you bringing you personal stash out and sharing it with all of us.

I’m sure many look forward to seeing (and owning) the treasures you have decided to share!

Thanks, Cougar Bill



What’s up with this guy?

someone who claims to own the site calls me a scammer. Says I need to post pictures and location or he will delete my posts.

Lets start with the basics. Look around a bit. Do you see any ads anywhere at all? Most of the forums these days are run by large conglomerates that exist primarily to sell advertising. To them members are just eyeballs on ads. This site came into existence almost 13 years ago to get away from that mess. This site is here exclusively for the benefit of the members. Period.

I personally have invested tens of thousands of dollars, maybe more, and I have read every single post on this site since the day I created it. A few very devoted members are also helping keep this site alive. My kids would probably prefer that I leave them the cash instead of a Cougar forum… but you get what you get.

Think of this site as a bunch of guys hanging out in my garage. And you are a guest there. I wouldn’t tolerate one guest belittling another and I sure would not tolerate some one that came there just to cheat what I consider to be my friends. This p[olicy has served us very well. It’s not perfect, but I invite you to try out Facebook if you want to see how ugly things can be.

So our rules for selling things are pretty simple:

List your parts for sale here for free. All ads must have price, location, and contact information.

This is how has been from the day the site was launched.

It turns out that was a good policy. The latest scam going is someone replying to parts wanted ads with exactly what the buyer wanted for a good price. Here is how that goes down:

Buyer is asked to communicate by private message only.
Buyer is asked to use Zelle or Paypal Friends and Family where there is no recourse.
Seller insists on shipping parts and offer no pick up location or a very remote and indistinct one.
Seller offers no pictures or many times a picture harvested off the internet.
Buyer sends money and seller is never heard from again.

Because users here are anonymous, using user names and no specific location, we have to be doubly careful.

So here is what RollingRust posted, in each case offering up what the buyer wanted with no pictures and the only location being southern Alabama:

And when I asked him to post pictures and a location he became argumentative. But never actually posted any pictures. Or provided a location. And he started using private messaging. He checked all the boxes.

What he did not do was to contact me and explain his situation. But he did feel free to insult me here. In one click I could have deleted his account and every post. I still can. But I believe in second chances. Lets see how that works out.


TY I agree great due diligence and work ethic, Again Thank YOU!, I find contributing here is an effort of love for not a hobby but a piece of good ole American Heart and Soul.
We are being attacked on all fronts of our Cats market place by scammers.


Thanks for the restrained and yet firm reply to this individual. I don’t know if I would ( or could ) have been as polite / ‘politically correct’ in my response after seeing all of his posts that hadn’t adhered to the guidelines of this forum. It takes a real master of communication to maneuver your way between informing and advising individuals on this site, and at the same time not insulting their intelligence or ( god forbid ) not bruising some sensitive egos !

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Thanks for the input Cougar Bill Since I was replying to the add instead of posting an add ,I see no reason to post pictures. I have seen this by most of the members that post. If the person is interested they will ask for a picture. I still don’t think I am wrong. I replied to the person looking for the part Not trying to sell to everyone out there. But I do understand where your coming from. Common sense will keep you from being scammed. Not very friendly to point finger at and get called names. Did nothing to cause that. Maybe we can wash this trouble away between me an XR7G428 and start new…Rollingrust

I see your points. I do believe this comes down to how often you offered parts and that you were new to the site.If you were a bit more “classic” radar would not have picked you up. I was actually going to private e-mail the moderator about your posts… so he was not the only one suspicious…

I support the moderators position, and also insults are not needed here. He has rules for a reason, and we all try to help this site keep clean and cool!

So, maybe a quick apology and a post showing parts you have and the ones mentioned would help?