Can anyone identify this auto. shift knob? Is this correct?

Long time Cougar guy , but I need help from someone who has more experience!

I’ve never owned a 1968 with standard decor interior, so my question is, is this shift knob correct for the Decore option ?

and unrelated but possibly related question,since it has the GTE option wouldn’t it have the wood shift knob,with running cat?
I’ve seen another standard GTE " the YouTube car " not Brian A. ,and it appears to have just a regular chrome T-shift handle.
Also can anyone explain why only XR7’s got the weatherstrip on the radiator support and not the standard cars apparently ?



Wooden shift handles were used on the XR7G not the GTE. That handle doesn’t look like a decor handle. It kind of looks like it’s a custom handle.

We would have to include Eliminators then also!
I wasn’t crystal clear on the GTE option
Anyone else?

Yes the Eliminator used a handle like the XR7G but without the walking Cougar logo if I’m not mistaken.

After looking on WCCC’s website it states the only the 68 XR7G and 70 Eliminator had wooden handles. 68 XR7G Gold walking Cougar and the 70 Eliminator Silver walking Cougar.


Thanks for the reply

I can’t recall ever seeing the silver ones personally the NOS ones I have purchased in the past 30 years have all been gold and yes I have two in my 70 Eliminators as seen below

Even the GTE 'sss , I purchased have had the wood shift knobs as well.
the only GTE 'a cars I haven’t seen them in is the standard interior GTE cars :red_car:

Just came across a lot of NORS handles Monday and have one left (those that hit the notify me button got the others within minutes of going into our stock)

If you need a replacement emblem I have a couple of those.

Just to add a little visual interest - here is a scan from an original catalog.

Looks typical for a '68 GT-E that is not an XR-7. Decor and standard interiors both used that chrome knob. Nothing special for a GT-E in any case.

I just listed a used handle.