Can anyone recommend a pre-purchase appraisal agent?

Can anyone recommend an agency to do a pre-purchase appraisal near or around San Antonio Texas?

There are outside companies that do inspections you can find them online. No matter who you use you need to let them know what yor concerns are.
You should let them know how the car is being represented.
Is it described as a high end driver with show quality paint.
An older restoration with nice drivers paint?
The inspector in most cases does not talk to the buyer so you need to let them know what you expect the condition of the vehicle. You want quality pictures of the top of the shock towers, the door jam lower corner, the inside lower corners of the doors. Depending on the quality of repairs on the car these areas can tell you if it was a really nice job or sloopy job.
The most difficult car to inspect is a older collector car unless the buyer tells me what he is expecting.


Just a few pictures to show some work that say dont walk run.

Yikes. Thanks!