Can't find the bad ground or bad fuse issue

Can’t figure out where this issue is. All the sudden I have an electrical issues.
Car starts and runs fine. What isn’t working is: the AMP idiot light when I turn the key on (oil light does work), all dash lights, turn signals, and emergency flashers. Also, the little center fuse does not have power. I checked all the fuses that I see and checked the firewall grounding. I am missing something and ran out of things to check. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Check the voltage regulator. Make sure it is plugged in.

You didn’t change to a one wire alternator did you? And you are sure the bulb is good? The next thing is to verify power at the socket on one side with key on not running and both sides with the engine started. Verify that the wire on the STA post on the alternator is connected.

And glad you are back! I hate to say it but this might be a part of lifting a cable on a running engine. I had the same issue on a ranchero and it turned out to be an intermittent bulb. The little globe had separated from the base.

Thanks guys, funny you remembered XR7, but yes, same trailer park trash person who lifted the battery cable to see if the car is charging. Not sure I deserved the trailer park reference. So, it all start when I determined the car is not charging. I got new alternator (check continuity on wire harness all OK), still not charging, got new voltage regulator, all connections are sound. Then I determined other issues. They all have to be related some how. All dash lights do not come on with headlight switch on, both turn signals don’t activate and emergency flasher doesn’t work, also the Alternator dummy light does not light when the key is turned. However the oil dummy light does illuminate. I can not figure out what is causing all this and I still believe they are all related. Oh, and the dash fuse in the middle of the fuse box has continuity but no voltage. Wow, still can’t believe you remember me. I’m impressed.

Probably a good idea to start with a multi meter or a test light at a minimum. There are so many things that can happen accidentally. One example is hooking up a new solid state voltage regulator before it is mounted (grounded through the mounting screws).

We need to start checking for power in a few locations. That little center fuse is for dash illumination, so it won’t be hot unless the headlights are turned on. There is a separate 15 amp inline fuse for the turn signals. Honestly I doubt they are all related. Turn signals are typically related to the turn signal switch or the sequential mechanism in the trunk.