can't get horn to work

Can anyone tell me where the horn relay is on a 69 Cougar Convertible? Can’t get the horn to work. I know the horn works just can’t get power to the horn.

No relay. Power comes from light switch through horn button out to horns. Ground is through horn body to chassis.

Thanks Bob. One quick question is there a separate plug in to the light switch or is everything tied in together

All tied in together. I believe the horn wire is yellow from the switch to the turn signal connector going up the steering column.

The wire attached to the horn is a dark blue with a yellow stripe on it. Any suggestions on how i can check to see how to get power to the horn or is there a possiblity that the switch is bad and is there an part number for a new switch

Do you have a rim blow or a horn ring steering wheel? If horn ring style the problem could be a bad connection in the turn signal assy. Access is gained by removing the pad on the steering wheel (two screws on the reverse) and pushing in and turning the horn ring assy.

I have a rim blow style horn. I know the horn works because i wired it direct. Just can’t get power from steering column to horn? I know everything runs threw the light switch, but just having trouble figuring out where the power is dead at.

On one of my 1970 rim blow wheels I had a problem with the contacts that ride on the inside of the wheel making a good connection. Inside the column are two brass tips that are tensioned to ride on the back plate of the steering whee, mine are worn and not making contact. I solved the problem by breaking the ends off a glass fuse and inserting one end on each tip. It solved my problem!

Why did they run horn power via the light switch. :confused:
Just the way they did it back then?

If there is a problem would it be easier to bypass the light switch and install a relay?

Do you need one of these

I find that a volt meter works well for this task. Connect the red wire of the volt meter (or Volt Ohm Meter, aka VOM) to the wire that leads to the horn. Connect the black wire from the VOM to the bolt that secures the horn to the radiator core support. Then press the rim blow. The meter should read battery voltage.

One thing to remember, always set the scale on the volt meter to the expected voltage. On my VOM I use the 0 - 25 volt DC scale when working on cars.