Car cover

Anybody have suggestion for a really good car cover? I have a 67. Currently have a budge from Academy that I use while in garage. It says it is water resistant but it really is not. WCCC has one that “appears” to be just like the budge.
Because I have a vinyl top I really don’t want water on the car…given bird baths instead of full on wash. No rust and don’t want to start any. Any suggestions on a good cover?

California Car Cover - NOAH fabric. That’s what I’ve gotten for most of my cars. Good value and they are custom made to fit. Designed to handle outdoor storage if that’s the position you’re in.

The ones WCCC carries are ok for a budget cover. The multi-layer material seems pretty decent but the fit is baggy. They are what’s called “semi-custom” meaning that they make a few sizes and pick the one that’s the closest fit. I prefer the full custom ones.

I have a California Car Cover as well but it’s the Dustop model since I’m indoors.

Thanks for reply’s

My wife got me an OVER DRIVE by Classic Accessories car cover on Amazon for $28.70. A Full Size Sedan Style PolyPRO 1 version. Not a bad deal at all. It is weather proof and comes freeze dried. I thought the thing looked too big but it fits perfectly. I am using it in the garage strictly to protect from dust. I’m happy with it. Pic attached over my 68 Vert. :thumbup: