Car Hauling recommendation?

Hi all. I’ll be needing a reputable car hauler next Spring for a move from South FL to Middle TN. Please share your positive experiences.
Thanks & Merry Christmas!

The bottom line is how much are you willing to spend on getting you cat transported. Open car hauling is less expensive compared to enclosed trailers.

That should narrow down the experiences people can refer you to :smoke:

As information, Florida outbounds are more expensive in the spring because of snowbirds heading north. If you can move it sooner it will be less expensive, as long as you don’t also hit during auction outbound moves.

You also need to get a little more specific.
Does it run, if not are there extra parts that need to move with it?
Do you want enclosed or are you okay with open.

I have never had an issue with Reliable or Inter-City for enclosed.

Thanks guys. It’s enclosed for me! Good tips on scheduling - makes sense. I’ll check out the suggested companies.

Ive used Intercity transport and give them a big thumbs up :smoke:

Big thumbs up for Intercity. They load the car and deliver it directly in the same truck. They fully document car condition before loading so you know if any damage happens in transport. Totally professional and customer oriented from start to end.

I tried Horseless Carriage once, was not totally satisfied. They hauled the car to a NJ warehouse awaiting a truck to take it to NH. In NJ it sat, and sat, and sat without much communication. Made me very uneasy.

Also Horseless Carriage did a poor job of inspection and documentation. My car arrived with a small dent the the seller insisted wasn’t there before the car left and was not in the selling pictures.

Quality costs money though. Enclosed transport is expensive no matter who you call. Just avoid brokers, deal directly with the hauler.

I recently used Intercity lines to transport an original owner '65 Mustang from OK to CA. They took very good care of it – it was in an enclosed trailer, of course, which was very important to me. It did take a bit longer than they said, though. I would definitely use them again – it arrived with no more dust on it than when it left!

Who ever you do it with make sure and take pictures. Then do a walk around with the driver. Check the insurance side to see who pays if damaged.

You might also consider inquiring with Reliable Carriers. I have used Reliable in the past for enclosed transport from California to Indiana. No issues and all was in order at delivery. Website link: