Car show in the Parish

First car show for the vert.

The vert placed in the top 50.

I met a couple from Lafayette about 2 hours away with a 69 standard. The guy bought it new and has owned it since. He had the original invoice on display.

These guys are members of the AACA and also own a model A.

Very cool seeing another Cougar at a show. I’m usually the only Cougar owner when I go to local shows. It was the same again this past weeekend at the show I attended. Just about every car type was on hand( Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelles, Model A’s, T’s, Tri Five Chevys, Corvetts, Galaxies, GTO’s, ect…) but just one Cougar, me. :smiley:

Thats not a standard, its a sports special or its a standard with the SS rockers.

I noticed the Sports special rockers when I first looked at the car but the invoice said nothing about it. The guy said that he bought it new and has driven it off and on since. It has a 3 speed and no radio, AC or power steering.

Steven, I am in the same situation, I usually try to find a Galaxie or a Fairlane to park by so at least I have something in common. LOL

This week is the Cruzin the Coast in Biloxi and Scott and I plan to make the run together in our 70 Cougars. The trip is about 80 miles and the plan is slow and steady. Should be fun with a lot of cars.


Sal enjoy the cruise. I’ve seen highlights of Crusin the Coast the tv show My Classic Car. That looks like it would be a fun cruise. I just noticed when I read through this post again that its a small world. My brother lives in Lafayette, he not much of a car guy because his head is always in the clouds. He’s a helicopter pilot and flies to the oil oil rigs off the coast.

Sports Specials were just some trinkets added to a standard to spruce them up for better mid year sales. I see no reason that car isn’t a real Sport Special since it has the correct hub caps, rockers and the single pin stripe in the correct place. I don’t believe there is anything else that differentiates a Sport Special from a regular standard. Both are nice looking Cougars.