Car shows may be OK

Yesterday I didn’t race, but helped longtime friend Excellent Ed Yessaian’s annual Ed Day Charity Challenge race and show.

Since I’m 69 and Ed is 46, I was his runner for communications to the tower and tech. I parked next to Ed’s registration tent for the event, and so got entered into the car show. I also staked a Franklin for anyone who could cut a perfect .000 light.

Well, what do you know, a Junior Dragster competitor did! I presented it on the spot to Amber T. and her father. Later, I won Best Ford Muscle (non-Mustang) and was in the final three for Best In Show. Well, that got my attention.

Next weekend, I’ll be racing it (on drag tires).

Very cool of you to do that.
Had to be the ‘new shoes’ that she cut a perfect light.
It is good to see young folks enjoying classic cars and racing on the track.

That’s awesome! I bet she was stoked at having cut the perfect light, and the prize was icing on the cake!

Is that New England Dragway?

Yes! My home track and a great place to me.

Crazy at it seems (I left it out of my account), an adult racer cut another .000 a bit later!!! I am going to surprise him with another C-note when I see him Saturday at the Outlaw 10.5 race. He earned it too (I’m turning into a philanthropist).


These Juniors are terrific! They do a pretty good job transferring to the big cars, sometimes alcohol dragster or nasty 10.50 index cars.

I once ran 13.000 to qualify #1 in 13.00 index. As if to bust 'em on me, my friend minutes later ran a 12.500 in 12.50 index in my old car I had sold to him. It’s good to have these things going on to look back on!!

Very cool story, thanks for posting it. If I ever cut a trip zip I’ll frame that time slip lol. I was amazed about the cost of the JR’s when talking with some parents a few years ago.Glad to see the kids in the sport, I’ve raced a couple that graduated to street class, and yea got beat too lol