Carburetor on a hertzg

I have found a hertzg for sale, it dose not have the correct carburetor on it. What carburetor came on a hertzg was it an auto light 4300 shoe box style or a holley carb. I have found a holley carb for sale with a list number 3796-1, ford part number C80f-9510-D stamped on the air horn. Also would the build date of 815 = 1968 January 5 week.
Thanks Scott

You need to include what size engine the car has. A 302, 390, or 428. Is it a 2V or 4V carb?

A C8OF-D carb is for a 1968 Mustang/Cougar/Fairlane/Torino with a 390 4V and automatic transmission.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

All the Hertz XR7-G’s are 390-4V and all of them had the Holley C8OF-D carburetor like any other 390-4V in any Mustang or Cougar that year.

Thanks for the reply. Yes it is a 390 4v. Car was built on 3/01/68 Would a date code of 815 on a carb which = 68 January 5 week be correct for a March built car.

Thanks Scott

That would be about as perfect as it could get IMHO.

That car was built the day after mine (2-29-68).