Carburetors for 67 390 GT

First, I’m brand new to this forum (any forum) so if I’m in the wrong place or screw this up, advice is welcome.

I recently bought a 67 Cougar GT. It’s fairly original – came to me with a Holley 4V – engine tag has engine code 322. I was browsing Internet for match-up info – found 2 sites that show engine codes and associated carbs. – both show this engine code should have a Ford 4V – no mention of Holley. Is there an explanation?

The sites are incorrect. THe 390 GT came with a 600 CFM Holley carb

Welcome to the madness, Ron!

I did a resto on my '67 GT 390’s Holley carb with lots of pictures a year or two back. It was in a post under my name if you want to look it up - it has a lot of info I had to find and you might find it useful.

Your date code is as follows:
3 = 1973
22 = week of year.

So that carburetor was produced in the 2nd week of 1973.

An original carburetor for that car would have the date code starting with 6 (1966) or 7 (1967) then the second digit would be the month (1-9 then ABC) and then the week of that month (123or 4).

So for example if the carburetor date code was 6A3 it would decode as:
6 = 1966
A = October
3 = third week of that month

There should be a Ford part number C7AF-9510-X and a Holley List number stamped near the date on the air horn. I bet you have some sort of Holley replacement carburetor with that date code.

For 1969 S code 390 engines the Autolite 4300 carb was used.

Royce, maybe we are ships passing. Here’s more info. The carb horn is stamped “List-4742” and below that “322”. My car came with quite a few unassembled parts – an aluminum tag came in a bag – which I assume was associated with the carb. It has two lines of stampings. The top line reads “390 67 8 (FoMoCo)”. The second line reads " 7 A E 322 A ". I took the 322 as the engine code – not the carb code – and my look on the Internet was for engine codes. I have a Marti on the car – build date was 13 January 67.’ Any new thoughts?

As a novice, I’m still trying to figure out how to work the site. I added some new information on my carb, but it looks like it’s way down at the bottom. What did I do wrong?

Here is a little information on List-4742 carbs.