Carpet on a 1970 mercury cougar xr7

I pulled out the old carpet. I am looking for recommendations if anyone has any. I was going to purchase a set from stock interiors. Has anyone used them before? Worth the money?

Also I purached Kilmat 80ml for sound dampening between the floor pans and the carpet. Should there also be a padding between the Kilmat and the carpet for support or is the Kilmat enough?

Any recommendation on coating the floor pans with a 3m rubberizer for extra sound protection?

Thanks for any help or recommendations.

I’m not familiar with “Stock Interiors” and the products they carry. I have used ACC carpets that WCCC and many others sell. I have not had any problems with them fitting or color match.
If you do use stock interiors for your carpet do let us know how you like the product and service.

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Agree with Badcatt - ACC makes very good fitting carpets that look original. Their carpets have the padding attached underneath where needed. They also make EVA sound deadeners that are heavy but thin like the originals. I’ve been very pleased with them for my 70.

WCCC is a good place to purchase it from, or even Rock Auto has it.

Just a note. If you order a carpet set and it says “Mustang” on the package, that’s fine. Carpet is the same in both cars.

You can also get perfectly colormatched embroidered floormats from WCCC.

Mike M.

I was going to prime the floor pans, spay a 3m rubberized, then lay down the EVA sound deadener and then the carpet. Am I missing any steps? If I purchase the carpet with the mass backing do I still need the EVA sound deadener?

I also purchased Kilmats underlay at 80ml to put as another sound barrier but now I feel like that is overkill.

I don’t like the carpets with mass backing anywhere besides under your feet where the original carpets did. When you start adding the backing in other places, things don’t fit right (door sill plates for example). At least that was my experience.

I like to see the floor pans looking original - primed followed by a light coat of body color. Then the EVA sound deadeners, then carpets with mass backing in the foot wells. The 3M rubberized might give you better rust protection and more sound deadening, but it smells and so I only use it on the underside of the floor.

You don’t need both the EVA and Kilmats, but if I wanted more sound deadening, I would use these both before spraying undercoating inside the car. Just my thoughts - you’ll probably get lots of other opinions.

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I’ll be a voice in favor of the mass backing throughout. On my '70 'vert it made a significant difference in noise and tunnel heat reduction above and beyond the EVA and other dampers I had down already.

Bmwhd1, did you notice any difficulty with installing the carpet on the edges and at sill plates with the mass backing throughout? Difficult fits?