Cascade Cougar Club 50th anniversary show

We have the 26th registration, It is Leigh and Neil Viertel with their 1968 Cougar, blue with black vinyl top.

Cougars, Mercurys, Edsels, Lincolns & Other Fords!

3333 South 38th Street, Tacoma 98409

Saturday August 5th Cruise meets at 7:30am at Griots for Caffeine and Gasoline. Cruise departs at 9:30am with tours of Lemay Marymount and America’s Car Museum, a box lunch, ending with a BBQ dinner.

Sunday August 6th Show opens at 8:00 AM, ends by 4:00 PM.
Please try to arrive early to enjoy the day and raffle prizes.

For suggested hotels in the area, please contact John at (253) 863-5669 or e-mail at .

For more Information call (253) 579-3931 or e-mail .

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Here are some of the other pre-registered Cougars registered for the Cascade Prowl/CCOA 50th anniversary event.

Jeff Bingaman 70 Cougar

Scott Ferguson 68 Cougar XR7-G

Heather Whitaker 69 Cougar XR-7 convertible

Roman Benoit 68 Cougar

Neal Jacobson 70 Cougar XR-7

Neal Jacobson 71 Cougar

Bill Smith 68 Cougar XR-7

Kim Millhollin 69 Cougar XR-7

Ed Withey 67 Cougar

John Benoit 70 Cougar Eliminator

Cameron Benoit 67 Cougar

Leslie Berning 67 Cougar

Rob and Steve Crowder 68 XR7-G

Jim Pinkerton 67 Cougar “Cougar One”

Lee Windh 67 Cougar

Wow, those are some fantastic Cougars!

  • Phillip

We are looking forward to seeing Cougars from all over at our events in the Pacific Northwest.
Saturday August 5th there is a cruise to two large car museums and a BBQ dinner after, then the big show on Sunday the 6th.

We now have 31 Cougars registered for the Cascade Cougar Club 50th anniversary show. Hurry up and get registered and join us for a great time.

Prowl registration #29 - Don Skinner, 67 Standard GT


Prowl registration #30 - Robert Murphy, 67 Standard


Registration #31 - Chris Benis 1970 Eliminator


We are close to 50 T-shirt orders. Once we hit 50 we plan on making a first run of T-shirts so people attending other national events will have them. We want to encourage people to pre-register, and or least order a T-shirt ASAP. Pre-registration includes a T-shirt. Buying a shirt only is $15. Shirts at the show will be $20. Shirts can be picked up at any future Cascade Cougar club meeting. If they want them mailed it is an additional $8.50.

CLICK To REGISTER and Pay Online with Paypal…wl2017reg.html
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We are getting close to the 50 car Mark. Hurry and register

Well folks, as of today we have 45 pre-registrations (43 Cougars).
This is a list of classes and number of registered entrants.
8 – 67 Standards
4 – 68 Standards
4 – 67-68 XR7 Except XR7G and GTE
2 – 68 XR7G & GTE
1 – 69-70 Hardtop Standard
3 – 69-70 Hardtop XR7
3 – 71-73 All
6 – 69-70 Convertible All
8 – 67-68 Modified All
0 – 69-73 Modified All
2 – 69-70 Eliminator
0 – 74-02 All
1 – All Ford Except Mustang
1 – 64-73 Mustang Only
0 – 74-Present Mustang Only
0 – All Other Lincoln, Mercury, Edsel
0 – Other Makes and Models
2 – Display Only

Also so far we have 82 T-shirt pre-orders, and 47 attending the cruise (30 cars)!

Just look at some of the cars coming to Cascade Cougar Club 50th anniversary/CCOA Western Regional show

#45 - Steve Citrone, 67 Standard,

#44 - Ed Hill, 1970 Mustang Mach 1

#43 - Filip Spasojevic, 67 Modified, Surry, BC,

#42 - Jim Compton, Richland WA, 69 Convertible

#41 - Jeff Westeren, Phoenix OR, 69 Eliminator

#39 - Janie and Wade Anderson’s 67 Cougar

#38 - Dave Nashif, 68 Standard,

#37 - Michael Benson, 68 Standard,

#36 - Steve Goulding, 69 XR7Convertible,

#35 - Zana Goulding, 68 XR7,

#34 - Randy Smithhisler, 67 Standard,(burgandy)

#33 - Denise Smithhisler, 68 Standard,

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Registration #47 - Dave and Roberta Denney are coming to Prowl with this cool 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7 with factory sunroof.
There are going to be a lot of great vehicles at Prowl.

Neal, I’m getting 404 errors from the registration links above. Maybe just me?

I’ll go directly to the site and register, but I wanted to let you know about the links.

The links often get shortened when posted and then don’t work.
Go to , then click Prowl Show and navigate from there.