Cascade Cougar Club Prowl 2021 July 11th

Prowl 2021 is on Sunday July 11th. Gate opens at 8:00 AM. Show ends between 2 & 3:00 PM.

Please register as soon as you can. We need 15 more registrants to make this happen.

Please go to our site for more information and a link to on line registration.

This is always a fun event. I hope some of you can come out and enjoy the day.

Got my T-Shirt order in. Hope y’all have a great gathering :thumbup:

Prowl 2021 Fiesta Night
Now is the time to RSVP / Register for Prowl 2021 Fiesta Night. Saturday July10th. Chris Osbourne, and Juan Nunez, have graciously opened their Home, Yard, & Pool for Cascade Cougar Club members, and friends of the Club. Participants will be able to tour Chris’s Shop, take a refreshing dip in the pool, take in the garden / greenhouse flora and fauna, plus get to play with the two coolest Short Legged Jack Russel Terriers ever! Unlike years past, this event will be catered by a very highly rated local Mexican Restaurant… Hence, we need to know how many people to pre-order for.
Let’s take a moment to discuss the meaning of Fiesta. In English, “party” and “fiesta” mean the same thing; a celebration of some sort. Party is an English word, and fiesta is a Spanish word. … For the most part, “fiesta” is used only in informal conversations and specific to an event or celebration that is informal.
Some persons are concerned a specific costume, or ability to converse in Spanish will be expected. Hardly! Normal Car Show attire is just fine. I can assure you the common language will be discussing Cars, Family, and pets.
If you arrive in a timely manner, you may be able to park your ride on their carefully manicured lawn, or in the driveway. This pre-Prowl event had been so popular in the past, a relaxed way to enjoy each other’s company, and share your car stories outside of the car show format.
Kids under 15 years old eat free, The $10 cost for adults includes soft drinks provided by the club. 2020 has been a difficult year for many of us. Fiesta Night is an all-outdoor event, and many of us have been vaccinated, and are ready to do Club / Car events. If anyone is hesitant to attend due to the cost, contact me at, and we can make confidential arrangements to cover the cost.
Registration is available on the Cascade Cougar Club website, Click on “Prowl” Icon. Or contact Chris Osbourne directly at 253 285 6072

Dave Nashif
Prowl Director

One week until Prowl!! We would love to see you there. Next Saturday afternoon is Prowl Fiesta Night at Chris and Juan’s and Sunday is Prowl at Griot’s Garage is Tacoma WA. 3333 South 38th Street, Tacoma, WA 98409

I am coming, but only as a spectator this year.

Looking forward to seeing you and all the others that make it.

It’s going to be a good time.

Glad that you are able come up Scott. Unfortunately some of us won’t be able to join you as the US/Canada border is still closed to all but essential travel. I understand that going to a car show, no matter how great, is NOT essential.
Have a great time everyone.

I’m getting Ginger(My 1970 Cougar XR-7) ready for Prowl this weekend at Griot’s Garage at 3333 South 38th Street in Tacoma WA 98409

Show is on Sunday July 11th. Gate opens at 8:00 AM. Show ends between 2 & 3:00 PM.

I hope to see a lot of you there. If you can not make it I will be posting pictures after t he show is over.

Have a great time everyone.

Prowl went well today. Maybe a little smaller then we would have liked, but still a good turn out considering the short lead time. I have pictures of all the cars I will post later, but for now I present to you the “Best of Show”. A custom 1967 Cougar, Powered buy a 429 that is set back 6 inches. Look at the detail t his owner built Cougar has. I’m sure there will be something some will not like. But the owner has thousands of hours building this and has more little tricks planed.

I will post more tomorrow.

Wow!! That is cool. Great mix of modern features with vintage style.

At first I was wondering what was up with the big yellow antenna.

LOL, I had to go back through and look, twice!

Love the hood! Can you imagine what it took to do those bumpers?

Front of the hood looks reminiscent of a 1968 Shelby Mustang.

It was made from a reproduction 68 Shelby hood. He said it took a lot of work to fit.

Lots of interesting details. I wonder how many hours that took?