CATS Cougar Show George Conrad collection

CATS classic Cougar club is having a show at the George Conrad collection in Huron Ohio (near Sandusky OH) on June 16 2018. George Conrad is opening up his collection for CATS members and Cougar owners that aren’t CATS members and their intimidate guests. In order to gain access to the collection you need to be on the guess list by June 9! Contact Dee Baumann to get on the guess list: Once you make contact with Dee she will send you all the information on location of the collection and the show. See the PDF files attached.

Conrad collection1 (1).pdf (273 KB)
Conrad collection1 (2).pdf (442 KB)

I’m really looking forward to it!!

Me too! he has a very impressive collection of Cougars and Fords :sunglasses:

CATS club will be giving out three Cougar top pick awards at the show voted on by the participants.

I attended the first on CATS list of shows and picked up 2 awards at the Shelby Spring Fling. It was a very nice event with 6 Cougars attending including Dyno Don’s cat. The CATS award is a really nice one to acquire!

Congrats Mike! Glad you had a good time. Mark Kulwik ( CATS events coordinator) was lead on the Indiana show and had a family emergency and couldn’t attend.

how many cars are registered?

48 people on the list. Don’t know how many are bringing Cougars until next week. Hopefully all of them will be driving a Cougar.

So far we have 17 Cougars registered to attend the George Conrad show.

The Photo Album from the George Conrad Collection is now posted online here:

Over 150 photos from this epic event in Huron, OH. ENJOY!

Wow! Incredible collection!

The CATS “bringing the show to you” in Huron Ohio at the George Conrad collection was a great event! We had a goal of 20 Cougars attending and with a late arrival in a 69 convertible put us right at 20 Cougars. Mark Pratley and I left for the show on Friday doing a 4 hour 170 mile cruise to the show in our Cougars. Everyone was amazed at the Conrad collection of 174 vehicles housed in a 125’ x 400’ building. George was a gracious host going to each one of his Cougars and explaining the history and why it’s in his collection. He is a die heart Cougar guy and although he likes Mustangs he loves Cougars. George surprised us with a catered lunch with brisket, ribs, pulled pork and chicken. At the show we made George an honorary member of the CATS club. Thanks to John & Dee Baumann for being the lead on this show and planning the event with George. You can view the 150 + pictures I took at the show here:

The winners of the CATS top three participant pick awards in Ohio went too:

Tom & Cathy Wilds with a 1970 Competition Gold Boss 302 Eliminator

Jim & Judy Wojcik 1968 XR7 G

Wes & Stephanie Adkins Modified 1967 Wildcat

The next “bringing the show to you” event is in Springfield Illinois on August 3rd & 4th at the Abe Lincoln car show. Melissa Shereda is being a huge help organizing this event. We have around 40 Cougars committed to attend so this will be a fun event. If you need a hotel room contact Melissa at We will be having a cookout at Melissa home after the show on Saturday. I’ll do another update before the event. You can follow on Facebook at: Redirecting... C4 prowling to Power Light. Show flyer attached.

Hope to see you in Illinois…