CCOA Western 2022 regional event photos

This past weekend was the big show at Rob Crowder’s house in Oakley, California about 60 miles northeast of San Francisco. Gavin was there, Steve hosted the show, and lots of great Cougars were there. A great show! Here are some pics, hope other folks have more.

Hopefully the rest of the pictures will be right side up! These pictures were from our dinner cruise on Friday night.

Well for some reason my pictures on my phone won’t cooperate. I’ll try a different computer tomorrow.

More pictures from our dinner cruise Friday:

Yes there is a Cougar in front of me going over the bridge:

Steve Crowder drove his XR7-G. Tthe A/C works!

We had dinner at The Point restaraunt in Rio Vista, CA - it was great!

Saturday was show day at Rob Crowder’s house.

Hard to photograph these - there were normally lots of folks in the pictures!

Great pictures lots of nice Cougars there.
That Mustang must be lost. :slightly_smiling_face:

Rob has a nice place.

I did not see any Cougars newer than 1970. A lot of nice cars were there!

There was a class for non - Cougars. There were about 4 cars in it I think including that one.

Looks like a great turn out again. Sorry I couldn’t make it this year/ Stuff happens

Goal for next year will be to bring a Cougar. Everyone needs goals :thumbup:

I will add a few images as well.

Jeff you were missed, I would love to see you attend with a cougar… 5 years to the 60th…

A few more and I look forward to seeing other peoples images

very cool. Im not a car show and not much desire to show my car but I would attend something like this.

Thanks for the pix, everyone. I’m so sorry to have missed this one - the Crowders are always so hospitable and put on a great show. Congrats and thanks to all who made it happen! Next time!!!