Center console top loose

On a 68 the center console top moves about an inch back and forth.

Now Chris you can do better than that LOL! Guys can you help Chris figure out why his console top can slide back and forth? He has a '68 XR7.

Missing the two spring clips that mount under the pad to the chrome piece?

The chrome piece has two screws at the front (red arrows) and a clip at the rear to locate it. The pad has two screws at the rear (remove the ashtray) and two clips at the front (yellow arrows) to locate it.

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How do you remove the dash to get at the Tach/

The shop manual tells you how to remove or install any part of the car.

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In addition to the original shop manual(pretty much of a must have for these cars), West Coast Classic Cougar did a video on 67/68 dash removal. They have a number of helpful videos.

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