Classic Air A/C System for a 69

I stink at sorting old posts and get lots of hits for “classic” when searching, so sorry if this has been asked and answered before and I couldn’t find it.

I have a factory A/C 69 that needs everything replaced and found this setup that looks promising.

Does anyone have experience with it and an opinion?

That link is to a kit for a Factory NON-AC equipped Car.

you want

This is what I used on my Factory AC car to replace “everything”.

I also suggest reviewing The WCCC Video on 1969 Heater Core Replacement

Which you need to know to get to the Evaporator, I suggest you do the heater core while you are there

I have a Classic Auto Air system in my 69 XR 7. My car did not originally have air conditioning so I changed the lower dash with the vent holes.

Installation went well. I took a day to install the in-dash portion and another day for the engine compartment portion. I had to cut an unused mounting ear off the compressor to clear my Monte Carlo bar. All went well and the system works fine. I used the factory dash registers so it looks like a factory setup inside.

Good info on quality, so it looks like I’m with the right vendor(s), who appear to be related.

While chasing vacuum related starting and idle problems, my Mityvac showed the AC vacuum tank under the passenger fender doesn’t hold pressure, so I was thinking new wired controls, and an entirely new plenum box with a condenser core and heater core to completely replace my factory system might be the right way to go.

I did a heater core in the early 80s, and a full under dash wiring harness in the late 80s on my 69, so none of this is new territory. If these parts are quality, and will fit, I’m confident I can make it work. From sfhess’s reply, it looks like the ducting will work, so fitment is also solved. BTW, I’ve watched Don’s video and shared it with others. It is a daunting task, but broken down into its component parts, it really isn’t that hard. I also like the advice that we’d all rather do it ourselves than leave it up to a hired wrench who doesn’t know or love our cars like we do.

Thanks for the replies and let me know if I am missing something!

Would you mind posting a picture of the MC bar clearance around the compressor? Having the same challenge.

I used duct tape to connect the factory center duct to the corresponding piece that comes in the CAA kit. Side vents use a combination of the flex hose from CAA and the plastic factory ductwork. I have spare pieces of the factory ducting if you need.

It will be a day or two before I can do that.