Classic Cougar TV Commercials

Which Classic Cougar Commercial Is Your Favorite?

  • 1967 Cougar Car of The Year
  • 1968 Cougar
  • 1968 Cougar With Arnold Plamer
  • 1968 XR7
  • 1968 XR7G
  • 1968 GTE
  • 1969 Cougar
  • 1970 Cougar
  • All of the above

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Which classic Cougar tv commercial is your favorite? Give your thoughts and vote. If you change your mind…you can change your vote,The poll will run for 10 days, so enjoy these class tv spots.

1967 Cougar Car of The Year
1968 Cougar
1968 Cougar with Arnold Palmer
1968 XR7
1968 XR7G
1968 GTE
1969 Cougar
1970 Cougar

Isn’t that Bosley, the guy from Charlies Angels in the commercial with Arnold Palmer?

I tried to find that new retro commerical that one of the Northern California Cougar clubs filmed a few years ago. Anyone have a link to it?

I’m sure that this was not the spirit in which you intended, so I have to confess. I voted for the GT-E, but not because it was my favorite commercial. In fact, I didn’t even watch any of the others. Sorry.

At the end of the GT-E spot the driver gets out of the car and his pants are about half way up his calf… Was that really in style back then?

Scott here is the link I think your asking about. It was done by Dennis Pierachini. His new retro commercials are well done.

Dennis Pierachini’s Retro Commercial links


That 1970 woman and the production values over the others got me!

In the Arnold Palmer ad, when the silly guy is talking about the features and says “stick” and touches the automatic gear selector, that’s pretty funny. Same in the '69 ad. Apparently “stick” didn’t used to mean manual transmission. Learned something new today!

I like the GTE ad because it’s got the most badass Cougar of them all driving slowly around bends on a winding dirt road. And the music is pretty great. But I have to go with the 68 XR7 ad, for even better music.

Honorable mention goes to the G ad for the woman pounding her fist on the roof to knock out the sunroof panel she just cut. Very Rosie!!

That’s them! Thank you, Steven.

Needs to be all the above options as I like them all.

Ok I really messed up. I added all of the above and it wiped out all of the votes. I’ll send a PM to Bill and see if he can add the votes back. Here is a photo showing the votes up to the point of me messing up the totals.

Guys, it looks like we have to start over on the voting… The system is designed to keep admins from messing with the poll results. I am asking Jay to look into it, but it looks like votes have to be legit for the system to work.

Bill thanks for checking to see if the votes could be restored. I’ve never done a poll before and I didn’t know making the change with the “All of the above” would erase the totals. Sorry guys and gals. Right now we have the same number of votes but the totals for each are slightly different.

Too bad this one was only uploaded a year ago…I think it would’ve won!

That’s one that I haven’t seen. I like the color and action shots of the Cougar driving.

If voting opens back up for this again, I’m picking the last one posted. Love the lime frost, and the action driving shots are cool.