Classic instruments install, anyone done it?

If so, do you have the wiring schematics? I’ll decipher the instructions of I have too, but would rather take advice/instructions from someone who has done it first. Thanks in advance!

Are you installing a new dash, or new stereo? I don’t understand the question-
Replacing a dash pad on the 67/8 is a real big pain in the butt. Classic stereo installation, isn’t nearly as difficult.

My apologies, I meant classic instruments gauge kit install. I am replacing all of the gauges with the Classic Instruments set. Have to rerun every wire.

The instructions are precise in the kit end, but what wires are what on the Cougar main harness end is a little squirrely.

For example. White wite with red stripe says oil pressure lamp. Red with yellow stripe says oil pressure and brake warning lamp. Which one would i connect to the oil pressure sending unit, which one is brake warning indicator?

Just curious if anyone who has done this has the schematics to say “connect red/white stripe to xxxx wire on classic instruments harness.

white/red goes to oil sending unit; red/yellow is RUN-only power and is used as comparator signal for indicator lamps.

All of the factory wiring schematics are in the back pages of the factory shop manual. Every single wire is identified by function and color. Open your copy and use it.

Ive replaced all my gauges using speedhuts and a factory xr7 dash panel. I took the factory gauge harness and pulled all the wire out besides power/ground and the fuel sender wire. I used the speed hut senders to replace the factory oil pressure and ECT senders so they would be accurately calibrated to the gauges. The tach runs out under the hood and the volt meter grabs battery voltage from the harness. The fuel sender runs to the factory wiring. The senders came with wiring long enough to reach from engine to dash without issue. All my connectors are bundled in the same location as to be able to disconnect and remove if needed. It sounds messy but its not that bad. Everything is bundled nicely behind the cluster.

can see the gauge connectors here.

Don’t assume I have a factory shop manual.

Thanks Diesel and Midlife, I appreciate it!

What does the classic instrument kit look like? does it come with a full bezel and harness ?

Also I failed to mention I omitted the brake warning lamp, alt lamp etc. My gauges have a warning light built in that is programable to HI/LO ranges for each gauges so it takes place of all those except for the brake warning lamp. My car was a standard but used the XR7 cluster harness to modify since I did not want to cut up my original. The circuits I needed to leave on the cluster ended up being the same, turn signals, hi beam, 12v+ etc.

Thanks Diesel. I have the autometer bezels, bit went with the Classic Instruments gauges. I am more of a mechanical person than an electrical one, so all these wires scares me! Probably not that bad once I dig into ot though!

Diesel, I have the dash pad removed, did you remove the dash panel?

Nice thing is the aftermarket gauges are very straight forward on wiring. Power, ground, dash illumination and sender input is all thats needed. You could even wire everything separate of the vehicle wiring if that’s easier for you. Since I used the xr7 panel I found just modifying the harness to suit my need made sense.

You will want to do something for the turn signal indicator. I believe that panel comes with just led bulbs but these could be a nice touch. Also other warning indicator types available too.

I left the dash pad on and just removed the cluster. You would want the dash pad installed before installing your cluster. You could wire everything and verify function before hand tho.

If you don’t, you need one. Impossible to do this job easily without one. Many schematics in there that you need - and a host of other information that you will need in the future.

Thanks Diesel. I will buy those signal indicators!

Royce, I took you up in your advice and ordered one from WCCC, appreciate it!