Clean 1968 XR7 on Ebay

I saw this 1968 XR7 on eBay. It’s clean but the price seems a little high at $32K. It also has a XR7 G front valance, hood scoop and rear valance.

Man, I would love to install a rear valence like that with the cutouts for the pipes. I guess nobody is reproducing that.

John’s has the repo version.

Do you cut a regular valance to accomodate the trim rings?

Yes, the print is in the XR7 G prints on this home page, but it’s pretty busy if you’re not use to looking at prints. This is the simple version if your not worried about being exact.
Grear - Copy.jpg

Funny how some people think the decal backgrounds on the grille are supposed to be red, since they fade to pinkish grey. Replacing those and the deck lock cover decal would go a long way. Not into the amber fog lights either. Just some minor changes I’d make here and there to make it more “right” but it looks like a very nice driver!