Clip removal help

What is the secret to taking these clips apart?

They are pretty stiff. Often, if you blow hot air on 'em with a hairdryer, they are a little more pliable, but it’s just a little hook and bump holding it together. You can slide it to the side to get it out, if it’s not too brittle.

To release the hose & harness push down at the base of the clip where it goes into the base part, then pry outward. a wide screw driver, dull chisel. Another way to break the clip!

If your trying to remove the clip it self, see if you can get behind them. A 1/4 nut driver wlll help. Push the driver on & wiggle it. Should release the clip. They also tend to break, so take your time. The tips channels gets filled w/ dirt making it harder to compress.